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Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania


In a 24-county region, the Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania, Inc. (FHCCP) works with hospitals, federally funded community health centers, free-standing clinics, direct-service agencies, WIC centers, HIV/AIDS service organizations, and other community-based organizations to provide services to thousands, who might otherwise go without needed care.

Reproductive Health

A healthy reproductive system is essential for solid overall health. We believe you should have the knowledge and skills to improve your life and prevent reproductive diseases.

Nutrition Health

A healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved without making proper nutritional choices. FHCCP is dedicated to bringing you and your family the help you need to make healthy choices for everyone at home. We have programs for every age and lifestyle.

Adolescent Health

Going through important formative years as an adolescent can be confusing and overwhelming. Family Health Council of Central PA aims to provide you with the tools you need to make healthy choices and become a productive adult.

HIV/AIDS Programs

FHCCP partners with regional agencies to provide supportive services, HIV interventions, prevention education, and housing for people living with HIV and their families.

HealthyWoman Program

Whether you’re facing high deductibles or no health insurance at all, all women deserve the right to receive breast and cervical cancer screenings. FHCCP provides the resources and health care partners to make these screenings and diagnostic testing possible.

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